Case Studies

MML Special Services provides solutions beyond basic transportation. Whatever it takes to get the job done…
     Anything, Anytime, Anywhere!

At 6:00 PM a customer in Inglewood, CO must have 87 computer systems removed from a building in New Haven, CT before midnight. The building is under renovation and the elevators are turned off.
The customer called MML Special Services. The computers were de-installed, walked down five flights of stairs, blanket wrapped and transported to the customer’s warehouse.
Job completed - 11:45 PM.

The 18 foot long 28,000 pound machine needed in Oakland, California is in storage in Scott, Louisiana.
It is needed in three days!
Once again, it’s MML Special Services to the rescue. The equipment was extremely delicate. It required an air-ride flatbed and a crane to load. MML Special Services arranged for a crane to meet the flat bed at the storage site, had the machine craned onto the flatbed, secured, tarped and delivered in Oakland in three days.

Weekend installation of the “brains” of the company’s telecommunications system. The engineers are waiting on this equipment to perform the installation. The install location is the 28th floor of an office building in downtown San Francisco. The shipment weighs 4500 pounds. Appointment 6am Saturday.
One call to MML Special Services handled the situation. Three men laid down masonite to protect the marble floors of the foyer and lobby and installed padding in the stainless steel paneled elevator to prevent damage. The crew delivered the shipment, unpacked it for the engineers, and removed the pallets, dunnage and wrapping. MML Special Services also arranged for the special property insurance that was needed for the delivery. Mission accomplished!

New Equipment Transfers for Grocer:
Multi-Mode Logistics was contacted to pick up 230 new refrigerated (reefer) units in Wabash, IN. Due to time and schedule constraints, the project had to be done in less than 2 months. Multi-Mode not only coordinated the new equipment transfer but also brought the units to various food vendors, had them live loaded and delivered all 230 reefers with full loads of food back to the east coast within 6 weeks without any concerns.

Umass Medical Building:
55 Lake Ave.
Worcester, MA 01602

The product was warehoused and inventoried for several months at Multi-Mode Distribution and loaded directly from our site and from the supplier's facility. This project involved 200+ flatbed loads which were all crane appointment deliveries. In fact many of the loads were over-width due to the nature of the structure being built. No problem for Multi-Mode, we excel when we are presented with logistic problems. We create solutions!

Hyatt Convention Center:
71 S. Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60606

Again Multi-Mode delivered 250+ truckloads to the Chicago Hyatt while scheduling crane appointments on each and every delivery. The task was very difficult considering the weather conditions of both locations but for ease of loading for our shipper we often dropped additional capacity on nights and weekends in order to prevent any issues. Mission accomplished and once again the job was delivered on time.

World Trade Center Tower #7:
Barclay St
New York, New York

Multi-Mode Distribution was called once again to warehouse and store product from various suppliers throughout North America. We logistically coordinated the timely delivery of several different products to our facility in order to deliver ON TIME. Product was transported by Multi-Mode from Canada, California, MN and several other locations. With one phone call our client was able to arrange for their shipping and warehousing needs.

3 Choice Rd.
Windsor Locks CT 06096-1036