About Us

Over the past two decades, we have been providing innovative, practical and top-quality logistic services that improve supply chain solutions. Through our broad database of carriers, agents and drivers, we are able to offer our clients first rate service and quality people at an extremely competitive price. We have an extensive directory of both prior carrier lane history and future carrier availability allowing MyMML to effectively choose the correct piece of equipment. Whether you have one shipment per month or twenty per-day, your MML Associate is committed to providing you with sensible alternatives specific to your logistic challenge.

Our innovative pricing structure allows MML to provide cost effective solutions custom tailored to your specific shipping needs.

We are experienced in managing all of the details, and will alleviate your supply chain concerns with three easy steps:
  • Step 1. Confirmation of all shipping information prior to pick up.
  • Step 2. Notification upon successful pick up from the intended origin.
  • Step 3. Notification upon successful delivery to the intended destination.
Accessibility to shipping information and your MML Representative are available 24 hours a day.

Additional Services: When necessary, we can coordinate your shipment with other Multi-Mode branch offices. For particularly time-sensitive freight, Expedited Service is readily available. For delayed deliveries and/or storage, we offer Warehousing, Distribution & Fulfillment. For origins and/or destinations outside the continental U.S., International Services are accessible. Just call us with the particulars of your shipment, and we can help decide which service and/or services would provide the best combination of peace of mind and value for you.

At MML, our ablity to be flexible with any of your needs sets us apart from other 3PL and Logistics Companies.


3 Choice Rd.
Windsor Locks CT 06096-1036